Welcome to the website of Paul Enright - music composer and sound designer for film, animation, games, commercials. 

Winner of Best Score 2018 at the Irish Underground Cinema Short Film Festival for my work on the family drama 'Earthly Bonds' by Alan Dunne. Also in the same year, Nominated for Best Score for my work on the period gothic dramatisation of Edgar Allen Poe's epic poem 'The Raven' by Damian Draven. 

Last year I completed my first feature score for Noel Brady's "Full Circle", which won Best Director at London International Film Festival and is currently available on Amazon Prime. The previous year I completed an orchestral score for a 26-episode animated TV series for RTE 'Brewster the Rooster', which has gone on to much international success.

Other film credit highlights include a moving short drama 'An Irish Father' starring Gerard McSorley, a documentary on Love/Hate's Stephen Clinch, and a short film 'One Day of Christmas', all shown on RTE 2.  In 2014, I achieved first place in 'Music Production for Games' run by Griffith College & Windmill Lane Studios.

A score clip from  'An Irish Father' - an emotional film where a 

son (Carl Finnegan) returns home to his father (Gerard McSorley (Veronica Guerin, Father Ted)) after many years of estrangement.  

Original music and sound for new Irish animated series.

Music and sound for a set of promotional vidoes for the Child Development Initiative Tallaght  with Salty Dog Pictures.

'One Day of Christmas'  screened on RTE2 December 2015 and January 2016. Trailer above with music and sound by Byzantium Audio.

Exciting Sports Action score for the Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Acquired & screen by by RTE July 2015- music and sound for a documentary on Stephen Clinch who rose from a world of drugs, crime to become a successful actor in RTE's 'Love/Hate'. 

My 'Hitchcock' score for a cut-scene from 'Dishonoured'. 

A moving scored excerpt from 'An Irish Father' by Carl Finnegan starring Gerard McSorley (Veronica Guerin, Father Ted) 

Orchestral compilation for animation / film.

My 'John Williams' score to (my edited version) of an original beautiful hand-drawn Superman cartoon from 1942. 

My 'ethnic' score for a feature film in planning / pre-production, set in Uruguay and Ireland in the 19th century

My 'Amelie' score for a wonderful short film by Tom Reynolds - winner Best Drama Future Wave Film Festival 2015

My Italian-style composed music and a voice-over recording for a commercial for a Californian Italian Restaurant.

Corporate logo / audio identity, music and sound for a 2 min promotional video for a suite of baby products. 

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