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Approach, Services and Skills

Paul Enright

Composer & Sound Designer

  • First Class Honours in Music Production for Film and Games (Griffith College & Windmill Lane Studios)

  • Degree in Electronic Engineering (University of Limerick)

  • Computer Science Postgraduate Diploma 

  • Jazz Improvisation (Waltons School of Music)

Own Studio Facilities

No need to supply space or equipment. See my 'Studio' Page. Flexible working. 


The most important part. 

Understanding your project and what you need. Working with you. Discerning the precise emotions needed. Understanding the technology. Delivering what you need. 


Not limited in styles or emtional ranges. 


Orchestral, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Ethnic, Electronic,

Cinematic or Intimate..

Custom Sound Effects. Musician Hire.

Recording Space.  

Flexible working and contracts.  

High Quality

Professional-quality audio production equipment, software and results.

(See 'Studio' page).

Perfectionism and high attention to detail (engineering background!)



Delivering music and sound that creates the right emotions, catches the rights mood shifts. 

From the thrill of the battle to tender family moments. Developing themes and variations. 



Will meet your deadlines - every week.  


Experience in film scores and game stems looping and transitions. 

Previous 20 years experience in business, IT and management consultancy dealing with a large number of public and private clients.

Joni Mitchell Tribute Band
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